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Rayner Opticians
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Chesham, UK
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High volume of data
Time consuming reporting Needed to empower users The Solution
Logix Acuitas™ Customer Value - Streamlined Sales Approach 
Significant cost savings - Improved customer support
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Sales Breakdown
Brand performance Promotions
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Established in 1910, Rayner Opticians is now regarded as one of the most respected and established Optical groups with in excess of 100 stores in the UK. The company offer a wide range of frames and lenses from brands such as Fendi, Ted Baker, Lulu Guinness, Levi’s, Nike and Converse.

Indentifying the Need

When Rayner Opticians rolled out Ocuco’s Acuitas solution for Optical retail chains to their stores, they realised that, with the right tools, they could transform the data in their Acuitas system into real business intelligence. This would empower the management team to ask their own questions and make faster, more informed decisions.

Russell Tallyn, Management Accountant at Rayner Opticians, said “What made us stand up and take notice of Logix was its speed and accuracy. It provides instant access to key reports, ensuring we can act fast - as and when required."



The implementation of Logix was quick and easy, with users up and running within a week. From the outset they were able to start asking questions of their data and get immediate insight into the key performance areas of the business.

According to Simon Hirst, Retail Systems Support Manager at Rayner Opticians, “Logix is extremely user friendly. Within a couple of hours of training, our staff had learnt the basics. In another couple of hours they became experts at using it!”

The head office team are using Logix to make decisions on purchases, reposition older products and formulate sell-out strategies. It is also being used to determine which promotions have been successful and the length of time stock will take to sell through. The Regional Sales Managers are also gaining incredible value from Logix and use it each day to measure areas such as conversation rates, procedures and staff performance.


Business Benefits

Streamlined Sales Approach

On an individual store level, managers are using Logix web client to develop a better understanding of brand performance and sales operations. Each of the store managers have accountability for their own sales team and can monitor and adapt processes accordingly.

Russell Tallyn added “I was impressed with the investment of time Nathean put into understanding how our business works. They have provided excellent assistance with the creation of bespoke reports to suit our needs and make sure that we have all the management data available to monitor our performance.”

Improved customer support and service

Using Logix, Rayner Opticians is now better able to understand what their customers want and link that knowledge into any decision that is made, right through from promotional offers to brand choices. This ensures the retail chain offers a great service and meets the market’s changing needs and requirements.

From a marketing perspective, the company can use Logix to decide on the best times to run specific campaigns, promotions and events.

Informed decision making and planning

As a result of having the information they require at their fingertips, Rayner Opticians is now able to make business decisions in a timely, efficient manner and plan for the longterm. With greater insights into their ongoing sales processes, their staff can now focus on identifying new sales opportunities and managing incoming pipeline



Rayner Opticians plan to further extend and enhance the current reports they use within Logix to meet future requirements and objectives. They are also currently looking at a wider rollout of the solution to their Laboratory team for even greater user empowerment.


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