Key Benefits


  • Increase return on investment from your Unit4 and other systems and unlock the value of underlying data.

  • New data sources are easily integrated through simple configuration for greater business insights

  • Advantages of multiple hosting options - on-premise, Cloud (including Unit4 Cloud) or hybrid.

  • Places self-service analysis in the hands of those who know their data best.

  • Radically improve time to decision without waiting on others to generate the analysis.

  • Valuable technical resources are freed up for other value-adding tasks.

  • Increases performance through sharing actionable insights with your team, partners, suppliers and customers


Logix4 Brochure


Unit4 Business World

("Nathean Analytics" is branded as "Logix4" by UNIT4)

Logix4 is a unique Data Linking, Analysis & Reporting solution for Unit4 (Agresso) Business World.


There are many challenges today in maximising the value of the vast amounts of information being captured across databases, departments and projects. Not least some of the challenges include:

- Accessing disparate data silos in different systems and in various formats
- Too many spreadsheets and copies of aged data
- Ad-hoc reporting solutions generating multiple versions of the truth
- Reliance on IT support and need for super users for analysis and reporting
- Lack of control over published reports containing data from multiple systems


Configuration Rather Than Coding

Logix4 addresses the challenges using its innovative in-memory linking and caching technology. By centralising control and linking directly to the sources of data Logix4 delivers insights in real-time and near real-time. A distinct advantage with Logix4 is its unique approach of using configuration rather than coding which means reduced project costs and faster time-to-value.

Logix4 includes intuitive analysis & reporting tools and ships with configurable out-of-the box metrics (Accelerators) for Unit4 Business World and other systems.

To find out more about Nathean Analytics for Unit4 Business World, please contact your Unit4 account manager.

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