Agile Business Intelligence

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Logix Agile

Logix Agile Overview-image

Logix Agile Overview

As your business grows, it changes, and Logix Enterprise will adapt quickly to your changing business needs. You can extend to new or existing systems only when required giving you a more flexible and managed way of incrementally implementing your data management strategy.


Top 7 reasons to select Logix Agile-image

Top 7 reasons to select Logix Agile

Read the Top 7 reasons why you should select Logix Enterprise for your data analysis requirements.


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Logix Agile for the CXO

As a CXO, you may face a number of challenges including getting immediate access to data to make informed business decisions, accurately forecasting future opportunities and ensuring the information supplied to internal and external stakeholders is consistent and correct. Read how Logix Enterprise Dashboards makes management by exception quick and easy.



Logix Acuitas

Logix Acuitas Overview-image

Logix Acuitas Overview

Logix Acuitas is a unique analytics solution providing advanced clinical and retail analysis for Acuitas users. Information is displayed in tabular format in the workspace, a unique spreadsheet like environment that users find simple to use and easy to understand. As you alter and refine your question in the workspace, dynamic charting provides immediate visual feedback helping you understand the answers.



Logix4 Overview-image

Logix4 Overview

A unique visual analysis solution, which enables you to ask the questions that your report writers never thought of. No more waiting for customised reports and no more spreadsheets. Just the answers you need – now!



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Logix4 Coda Financials

Logix4 Coda Financials is a self- service data analysis and reporting solution that delivers pre-packaged, straight out of the box analytics, specifically developed to enable users of all ability levels to quickly and easily interact and analyse their financial data, drawing on key information to explore profitability, creditors, debtors, assets, budgeting, overheads plus much more.


Logix4 Coda Dream-image

Logix4 Coda Dream

Logix4 Coda Dream is a self-service solution developed specifically to enable users of all ability levels to interact visually with key business information. Using simple drag-and-drop actions users can get answers to their ad hoc questions with ease.


Logix4 Agresso QLS-image

Logix4 Agresso QLS

Logix4 Agresso QLS is a UNIT4 BI solution which comprises both the Logix BI software and out-of-the box views, developed by UNIT4 consultants based on their experience of FE requirements.e.


Logix Salesforce

Logix Salesforce Overview-image

Logix Salesforce Overview

Logix Salesforce is a complete agile Business Intelligence solution that enables you to effortlessly explore and analyse key sales and marketing metrics from any point in time. The solution offers key information to explore areas such as leads, accounts, opportunities, product trends, marketing campaigns and sales forecast.


Top 4 Reasons to Select Logix Salesforce-image

Top 4 Reasons to Select Logix Salesforce

Read the Top 4 reasons why you should select Logix Enterprise for your data analysis requirements.


Technical Datasheets

Data Integration-image

Data Integration

Information is increasing at an alarming rate. As a result, an overwhelming number of companies are operating with blind spots and are struggling to get the right information. This has driven the need for advancements in business processes and information management. No longer is data analysis and reporting isolated activities.


Logix Caching Architecture-image

Logix Caching Architecture

Logix technology enables the retrieval and combination of data from multiple data sources which can then be stored in a highly available high performance cache for fast data retrieval.


PowerPivot Integration-image

PowerPivot Integration

Logix enables the retrieval and combination of data from multiple data sources which can then be stored in a highly available high performance cache for fast data retrieval.


Linx v Data Warehouse-image

Linx v Data Warehouse

Over the past few years both software & hardware technology has developed to a point where In-Memory analysis of very large datasets is now entirely possible. This is the approach that Logix takes to achieve your Agile BI requirements.


Logix Technical Specifications-image

Logix Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications for Logix Agile.


Case Studies

Plymouth University-image

Plymouth University

The implementation of Logix on Plymouth University's Agresso Campus Platform was quick and easy, taking less than ten days from requirements analysis to go-live.


Cranfield University-image

Cranfield University

The installation of Logix took only three days – including a half day’s comprehensive training – and currently the product is being used to support Cranfield’s key financial operations including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Procurement and Fixed Assets.


Fingal County Council-image

Fingal County Council

Through seamless integration with the Council's Agresso financial system, Logix quickly delivered visibility and interaction with Agresso, enabling the team to more easily explore and manipulate the huge volumes of financial data.


Rayner Opticians-image

Rayner Opticians

Established in 1910, Rayner Opticians is now regarded as one of the most respected and established Optical groups with in excess of 100 stores in the UK. The implementation of Logix was quick and easy, with users up and running within a week.


Thornton & Partners-image

Thornton & Partners

As soon as Thornton’s new claims database went live, Logix has made the process of monitoring claims from multiple databases significantly easier as detailed reports could be generated instantly.