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Explore, transform and share your financial, student & CRM data

Ongoing challenges within the education sector such as budget restrictions, rising enrolment figures and complex legal requirements means colleges and universities need to have a clear understanding of how their operations are performing.

As information is being stored across multiple silos and sources, reporting and data analysis can become time consuming and cumbersome.  In many cases, people are unable to get the answers they require on-demand and are faced with continually re-inventing and tailoring reports.

With Logix, you can address these challenges and start analysing data from Financial, HR, Payroll, Student and Estate management systems in new and innovative ways through a single application. 

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Achieve Excellence in Claims Management
and Solvency II Compliance

Claims handling is one of the most complex and expensive issues for Insurance companies. It involves processes such as opening and closing claims, managing payouts, working alongside service providers and remaining alert for any fraudulent activities.

Solvency II is the largest ever change to EU insurance solvency regulations. Insurers with EU operations will need to be Solvency II compliant by 2014.

With Logix Agile, Insurance companies and loss adjusters can accelerate claims processing and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Improve business performance and increase productivity

Given the highly competitive and fast changing nature of the retail industry, it is crucial that retailers can make decisions and changes almost instantly. The key to faster, informed decision making lies in the data that is collected from online and offline sources.

The best performing companies use business intelligence to tap into this data and connect the dots between customers, products, sales and promotions. Once information is understood at this level, the right customer segments can be targeted with a personalised experience, leading to increased sales, profitability and customer loyalty.

Logix provides retailers with the capability to report on and analyse huge volumes of information across multiple stores and regions.

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Public Sector

Cut costs and find immediate savings

Every day, high demands are being placed on the public sector to identify savings and improve public services. Each department whether it’s education, waste management or welfare requires the right insights into their data to make informed decisions and understand the potential impact these decisions could have on the wider community. However, the big challenge lies in the lack of visibility into key operating processes. This is where business intelligence comes into the play.

Logix provides a fast and transparent analysis of all relevant data to identify unnecessary public spend and streamline operations.

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Better project management and faster decision making

Companies in the construction industry have to contend with managing facilities, equipment, budgets and project schedules, all while ensuring they comply with strict regulations and reporting requirements. The ability to immediately access business data to make decisions around these areas is therefore essential for achieving success. However, it can prove difficult for managers and staff to get the right information, at the right time and in the right way.

Logix delivers real-time access to relevant business information to make informed decisions.

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