Agile Business Intelligence

Explore, transform and share your financial, student & CRM data with Logix Agile BI.

Ongoing challenges within the education sector such as budget restrictions, rising enrolment figures and complex legal requirements means colleges and universities need to have a clear understanding of how their operations are performing.

As information is being stored across multiple silos and sources, reporting and data analysis can become time consuming and cumbersome.  In many cases, people are unable to get the answers they require on-demand and are faced with continually re-inventing and tailoring reports.

With Logix, you can address these challenges and start analysing data from Financial, HR, Payroll, Student and Estate management systems in new and innovative ways through a single application.

How Logix works

Unlike traditional BI platforms, Logix can be installed and configured in a matter of days and delivering measurable value from Day 1. With our simple yet powerful applications colleagues can collaborate and discover new data insights to help make better decisions daily.

In-Memory Technology
The solution uses in-memory technology to enable the fast retrieval and combination of data from multiple data sources. All Logix reports and analytics are built and published in a central environment to ensure the data is properly managed and validated. Time spent exporting and manipulating unmanaged spreadsheets is eliminated and people will feel more productive and get can on with the real task at hand!

Our innovative approach to creating dashboards means you have control to design and publish your own charts  in an instant. To see the data behind the chart simply click it. People can post comments and start online conversations on a particular chart or grid reducing the time spent emailing around spreadsheets and documents to get to the answers.

Logix Agile is always connected there is no more time wasted involving expensive IT resources for reporting. Logix Visualization gives you the tools to slice, dice, pivot, chart, filter or whatever you want to find the answers you need.

Benefits of Logix Agile

• More effective supplier management through greater visibility of supplier costs across multiple departments and monitor how individual suppliers are performing.

• Ability to drive cost reduction and effectiveness to meet spending control goals.

Reduce time and cost to complete end of year reporting. Faster, improved ease of access to data to support bids for funding.

Delivering to budget holders, business users and line managers a unique capability to easily view, monitor and analyse their most important and most relevant KPI’s.

• Less time with spreadsheets and less IT resources required.

What our Customers Say

Cranfield University, a wholly postgraduate institution, is one of the top five research-intensive universities in the UK. They chose Logix Agile to provide them with greater visibility of their suppliers and the value for money they are getting. Cranfield’s finance department can now easily pull together in minutes ad-hoc real-time views of the data which have previously taken hours to achieve.

"What really struck me when I first saw Logix was not only the quality of the product but also its ease of use. As extracting and analysing data was becoming more of a time consuming process in the department, I recognised the value that Logix would deliver as a self-service analysis tool that would allow us to interact quickly and easily with the data held in Agresso.”
- Ian Sibbald, Financial Controller, Cranfield University