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Public Sector

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Cut costs and find immediate savings in your organisation with Logix Business Intelligence.

Every day, high demands are being placed on the public sector to identify savings and improve public services. Each department whether it’s education, waste management or welfare requires the right insights into their data to make informed decisions and understand the potential impact these decisions could have on the wider community. However, the big challenge lies in the lack of visibility into key operating processes. This is where business intelligence comes into the play.

Traditionally, spreadsheets would have been the data analysis tool of choice within the public sector.  However spreadsheets are widely known to produce data inaccuracies, take considerable time to update and are not designed to handle large volumes of data. Public sector institutions that replace spreadsheets with a more sophisticated business intelligence solution see immediate benefits including more accurate information, better decision making and greater control over budgets. BI that moves with the speed of change is a necessity to develop efficient organisations and meet future requirements.

How Logix Works

Unlike traditional BI platforms, Logix can be installed and configured in a matter of days and delivering measurable value from Day 1. With our simple yet powerful applications colleagues can collaborate and discover new data insights to help make better decisions daily.

In-Memory Technology
The solution uses in-memory technology to enable the fast retrieval and combination of data from multiple data sources. All Logix reports and analytics are built and published in a central environment to ensure the data is properly managed and validated. Time spent exporting and manipulating unmanaged spreadsheets is eliminated and people will feel more productive and get can on with the real task at hand!

Our innovative approach to creating dashboards means you have control to design and publish your own charts  in an instant. To see the data behind the chart simply click it. People can post comments and start online conversations on a particular chart or grid reducing the time spent emailing around spreadsheets and documents to get to the answers.

Logix Agile is always connected there is no more time wasted involving expensive IT resources for reporting. Logix Ad-Hoc gives you the tools to slice, dice, pivot, chart, filter or whatever you want to find the answers you need.

Benefits of Logix Agile

• Access and analyse information at a more granular level, for example, by department, product or supplier and compare on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, allowing more detailed management reports to be produced.

• Improve local services and operations through better decision making.

• Removal of costly and time consuming reporting processes.

• Control waste and unnecessary spend.

• Increase transparency, visibility to key information and accountability.

What our Customers Say

Fingal County Council is recognised as an innovative local authority responsible for delivering a wide range of services to Fingal’s 240,000 citizens.

The council employed Logix to address their data analysis and reporting needs. Through seamless integration with the department’s Agresso financial system, Logix quickly delivered visibility and interaction with Agresso, enabling the team to more easily explore and manipulate the huge volumes of financial data. The solution was also rolled out across their HR department, taking only a couple of days to install and configure and the ensuing results were both immediate and impressive.

“Logix empowers the team to easily and effectively explore and analyse the data. Previously, getting answers to complex questions would have taken hours whereas with Logix answers are received in minutes.”
- Peter Whelan, Administrative Officer, Finance, Fingal County Council