Agile Business Intelligence

Improve business performance and increase productivity with Logix Business Intelligence.

Given the highly competitive and fast changing nature of the retail industry, it is crucial that retailers can make decisions and changes almost instantly. The key to faster, informed decision making lies in the data that is collected from online and offline sources.

The best performing companies use business intelligence to tap into this data and connect the dots between customers, products, sales and promotions. Once information is understood at this level, the right customer segments can be targeted with a personalised experience, leading to increased sales, profitability and customer loyalty.

Business Intelligence provides retailers with the capability to report on and analyse huge volumes of information across multiple stores and regions. It powers people to identify trends and react quickly to changes.

How Logix Works

Unlike traditional BI platforms, Logix can be installed and configured in a matter of days and delivering measurable value from Day 1. With our simple yet powerful applications colleagues can collaborate and discover new data insights to help make better decisions daily.

In-Memory Technology
The solution uses in-memory technology to enable the fast retrieval and combination of data from multiple data sources. All Logix reports and analytics are built and published in a central environment to ensure the data is properly managed and validated. Time spent exporting and manipulating unmanaged spreadsheets is eliminated and people will feel more productive and get can on with the real task at hand!

Our innovative approach to creating dashboards means you have control to design and publish your own charts  in an instant. To see the data behind the chart simply click it. People can post comments and start online conversations on a particular chart or grid reducing the time spent emailing around spreadsheets and documents to get to the answers.

Logix Agile is always connected there is no more time wasted involving expensive IT resources for reporting. Logix Visualization gives you the tools to slice, dice, pivot, chart, filter or whatever you want to find the answers you need

Benefits of Logix Agile

• Streamline the order process and determine which products need to be re-stocked by cross analysing inventory and sales information.

• Create more effective, targeted product promotions based on accurate customer segmentation and buying behaviour trends.

• Improve control of supplier network by tracking expenditure and gaining visibility of value for money with existing suppliers.

• Empower management and staff to identify revenue and profit opportunities.

• Less time with Excel and less IT resources required

What our Customers Say

Rayner Opticians is now regarded as one of the most respected and established Optical groups with in excess of 100 stores in the UK. The implementation of Logix was quick and easy, with users up and running within a week. From the outset they were able to start asking questions of their data and get immediate insight into the key performance areas of the business. The head office team are using Logix to make decisions on purchases, re-position older products and formulate sell-out strategies.

“Logix plays a major role in the daily management of the business and has widespread usage within our Head Office team, especially with regard to sales monitoring, stock control and marketing.”
- Russell Tallyn, Management Accountant, Rayner Opticians