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Fingal County Council

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Fingal County Council chose Logix to deliver analysis across payroll, human resources and financial systems including Agresso.


Fingal County Council is recognised as an innovative local authority responsible for delivering a wide range of services to Fingal’s 240,000 citizens. With an annual budget of around €250 million, the council provides over 500 services to businesses and residents throughout the local area including housing, environment, planning, leisure, libraries, water, roads and economic development. With 24 elected councillors and more than 1,400 employees, Fingal’s primary objective is to deliver excellent service at all times to local citizens and visitors.


Following its successful implementation in HR, Logix was then rolled out to the Finance department.  Through seamless integration with the department’s Agresso financial system, Logix quickly delivered visibility and interaction with Agresso, enabling the team to more easily explore and manipulate the huge volumes of financial data. Peter Whelan, Administrative Officer, Finance, Fingal County Council, said, “Logix empowers the team to easily and effectively explore and analyse the data. Previously, getting answers to complex questions would have taken hours whereas with Logix answers are received in minutes.”

Fingal County Council has also employed the product in their HR department, taking only a couple of days to install and configure and the ensuing results were both immediate and impressive as Allidine commented, “What initially impressed us was the speed and visual impact of Logix.  By providing simple drag and drop functionality and the ability to cross analyse data held in different systems within the organisation, Logix delivered rapid access to real-time trends and results that we could easily understand.  It also allowed us to analyse the data in ways that had not been possible before – delivering answers to important questions in minutes that had previously taken hours if not days to find out.”

More effective procurement decision making

Logix played a critical role in helping the unit to identify immediate cost savings and efficiencies including:

 A 33% cost saving in the council’s energy bill: Fingal’s Water Treatment Plant in Leixlip provides 168 million litres of water per day to residents in Fingal and other areas of Dublin.  Utilising comparative research produced by Logix, the council were able to go to tender and as a result achieve a 33% reduction in their energy bills.

• A 20% reduction in plant hire costs: By delivering greater transparency of data and costs, Logix helped Fingal optimise usage of its internal fleet, negotiate more competitive prices with its suppliers and return hired vehicles promptly when they were no longer needed – all of which helped to reduce the council’s plant hire costs by 20%.

• The removal of costly administration: Analysis undertaken by Logix highlighted that, on an annual basis, several thousand POs were being raised for supplier invoices of less than €50 which was resulting in a significant overhead payment for each of these invoices. Consequently Fingal has now introduced credit card payments for low-value invoices.

As a result of deploying Logix, data can now be accessed and analysed at a more granular level, for example, by department, product or supplier and compared on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, allowing more detailed management reports to be produced.

The Audit & Efficiency Unit, Fingal County Council, commented, “For the first time in Fingal’s history, we have a data management tool that has enabled us to see in full the expenditure for every single purchase across all eight departments in the council. This information is invaluable and has greatly improved our end to end procurement process, enabling us to make better informed procurement decisions, negotiate more competitive terms with our suppliers and achieve significant cost savings.”

Enhanced Citizen Services

Logix is also being used to improve citizen services throughout the Fingal area.  Using Logix to undertake an in-depth analysis of private and public housing throughout Fingal has helped the council make decisions on estate management, rental accommodation schemes and managing vacancy levels.

As Logix is geo-coded to integrate with census data, photo libraries, Google maps and other GIS platforms, the housing department is able to obtain a clear and up-to-date view of all houses and apartments in the Fingal area. Logix also provides crucial information to other council departments and divisions, enabling them to make more effective decisions on the delivery of citizen services regarding schools, roads, libraries and environmental matters.

Download the Fingal County Council case study.