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Our customers tell us time and time again that Logix has transformed the way they do business. They now have incredible insights and control over their data, ensuring decision making is fast and informed.

Organisations are transforming they way they see information with Logix business intelligence.

As our customers grow, Logix adapts quickly to their changing business needs. They can extend the power of Logix to new or existing systems giving them a flexible and managed way of incrementally implementing their data management objectives.

Cranfield University

"What really struck me when I first saw Logix was not only the quality of the product but also its ease of use. As extracting and analysing data was becoming more of a time consuming process in the department, I recognised the value that Logix would deliver as a self-service analysis tool that would allow us to interact quickly and easily with the data held in Agresso.”
- Ian Sibbald, Financial Controller, Cranfield University

“The software quickly delivered visibility and interaction with Agresso that had simply not been possible before. We can explore, identify and analyse our finance data in ways we have not been able to previously.”
- Elizabeth Evans, Project Accountant, Cranfield University

University of Plymouth

“With Logix, we will be able to make informed decisions more quickly, use budgets more effectively, and achieve greater time savings and efficiencies.”
- Mark Taylor, Deputy Director of Finance, University of Plymouth

“What appealed to us initially about Logix was that it was quick to deploy, database agnostic and would generate an immediate return on investment. End users can use Logix to easily gain a more structured insight into the key areas of cost savings and efficiencies across the organisation.”
- Tasha Deacon, Senior Management Accountant, Plymouth University

“I have also been very impressed with the response to the ad hoc requests we have submitted. As an example, I asked if the sales ordering process enquiry could include whether or not the sales invoice had been paid. We now have a standard enquiry that not only brings together all the relevant sales order and invoice details but also if the invoice has been paid plus all the customer address details.”
- Maggie Martin,Systems and Training Accountant, Plymouth University

Swale Borough Council

“Logix enables us to perform more detailed analysis across all our Agresso finance modules in a user friendly way. Although we have only started using Logix, it already provides us with better visibility of contract expenditure for procurement, transparency information for the public and management information on debt. We expect to see further benefits from Logix as our familiarity with the solution increases."
- Phil Wilson, Chief Accountant, Swale Borough Council

Fingal County Council

“Logix empowers the team to easily and effectively explore and analyse the data. Previously, getting answers to complex questions would have taken hours whereas with Logix answers are received in minutes.”
- Peter Whelan, Administrative Officer, Finance, Fingal County Council

"Logix has allowed us to do so much more with diminishing resources. Our investment has paid itself back within a year and we’re looking forward to extending the use of Logix on a wide range of existing and new projects,”
- Gerry Duane, Head of IT, Fingal County Council

Rayner Opticians

“Logix plays a major role in the daily management of the business and has widespread usage within our Head Office team, especially with regard to sales monitoring, stock control and marketing.”
- Russell Tallyn, Management Accountant, Rayner Opticians

“Logix is extremely user friendly. Within a couple of hours of training, our staff had learnt the basics. In another couple of hours they became experts at using it!”
- Simon Hirst, Retail Systems Support Manager, Rayner Opticians

Thornton & Partners

"With Logix I can now pull and analyse data from multiple sources using one simple, smart solution. I was immediately impressed with how easy it was to use and the custom analytics which the solution delivers.”
- Carolyn Higgins, Group MI Manager, Thornton & Partners

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance

"Logix brings new insights to help us adapt to change"
- Yvonne Connell, Head of IT, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance


“We were immediately impressed by Logix. The information we gather using the solution will benefit both Liberata and our clients, allowing us to provide up to date accurate information quickly so that our clients can make important decisions about budgeting, resource allocation and overall productivity. The immediacy of the information also means that we will be able to quickly adapt to change.”
- Gillian Melia, HR & Payroll Service Delivery Manager, Liberata


“Working with Logix, resources have been efficient, focused and driven in delivering streamlined analytics solutions which meet our specifications and requirements.”
- Gary Burrows, ABW Project Manager, Translink