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As soon as Thornton’s new claims database went live, Logix has made the process of monitoring claims from multiple databases significantly easier as detailed reports could be generated instantly.

Company Profile

As the leading loss adjusting organisation in Ireland, Thornton & Partners has grown rapidly over the past twenty years with multiple branches now established across the country. In addition to the field adjusting service, Thornton & Partners also provide a unique desk expert claims solution, which handles claims and incorporates a counterfraud service and a field adjuster referral mechanism. The company has built a leading reputation in the financial industry with their high quality reporting service and a deep understanding of their clients’ requirements.

Identifying the Need

Thornton & Partners were tasked with rolling out a new claims platform. An impending challenge for the organisation was to connect to their existing Loss Register Progress database and the new claims database for effective report generation. It was determined that a solution was required to mitigate risks to data integrity and create reports without it becoming a lengthy, time-consuming task.

Carolyn Higgins, the Group MI Manager at Thornton & Partners, is responsible for the generation of monthly claims reports to insurers. It is essential that these reports are delivered in a predetermined format with a specific layout as agreed by clients.

Higgins explained “a new solution was needed to improve the efficiency in the way in which data was being extracted from both claims systems whilst also allowing for quick and easy analysis of the information being generated.”

Previously, Higgins spent hours manually entering claims information into spreadsheets to send to clients on a monthly basis. This was proving to be both time-consuming and labour intensive.


Following a review of their situation and the options available in the market, Thornton & Partners made the decision to implement Logix Desktop to assist them in the extraction and analysis of information held within their databases. The company could see the benefits in having an accessible and user-friendly solution that offers day one value.

Logix was up and running in a matter of days. Once installed, Higgins was able to begin verifying data after a minimal amount of training. Customised templates were designed to match the specifications required by Thornton’s insurance clients. Once this was completed, more data verification and analysis of the data was undertaken. Higgins instantly gained valuable insights into underlying data and was able to produce ad-hoc reports based around claims, savings gained and cases.

The overall implementation of Logix occurred in two main phases. Phase one involved the installation and roll-out of Logix and initial baseline reports. Phase two focused on addressing other reporting needs across the business using the Logix platform.

According to Higgins, “What really impressed me about Logix was how quickly I could start using it to gain value.” Higgins was also highly satisfied with the support provided by Nathean Technologies. “From the start, the Nathean Technologies team has provided excellent support and training.”

Faster Reporting and Analysis

Logix has allowed for reports to be pulled in minutes, instead of hours, which means more focus can be given to other areas within the IT department. Previously, time and resources were being lost due to the manual configuration of reports. Higgins believes that the solution has also had a positive impact on their insurance clients as more time is now available to spend concentrating on the service they offer.

“Using Logix, we can easily see how we are progressing in meeting our client’s requirements by analysing the savings we have achieved for them. It also provides key ops report used internally to assist in the running of our business.”

Greater insight and control over data

Logix is currently being used by Thornton & Partners to pull reports on new, outstanding and finished claims as well as providing a detailed breakdown of cases by type and month. The information generated from these reports can then be displayed in the predesigned templates suitable for clients to view.

As their reporting capabilities has improved, the company now have much greater control over their data and are able to react to claims issues quicker and easier than ever before. Logix is able to capture any claims data received and store this information for easy reporting. This can then be used to make timely, more informed decisions.

Single view of Information

As soon as their new claims database went live, Logix Desktop has made the process of monitoring claims from multiple databases significantly easier as detailed reports could be generated instantly. All information can be accessed and analysed with ease using one single interface, eliminating the need for complex tools and custom reports. Higgins believes this is the major advantage of Logix over other solutions.

“I was pleasantly surprised to find that Logix is a single, integrated solution that meets all my needs. It allows us to achieve a maximum level of productivity and a lower total cost of ownership.”


Moving forward, Thornton & Partners intend on going beyond the predefined monthly claims reports to create new services in Logix to report on claims.

Download the Thornton & Partners case study.