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Logix delivers Agile Business Intelligence across key business functions including Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement, Sales and Marketing.

The following are just some of  the areas of analysis provided by Logix.

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Budgeting: Quickly and easy compare Actual and Budget figures with traffic lighting and charts.

Accounts Payable & Receivable: Understand supplier and customer activity including which invoices are due for payment, spend breakdown by cost centre and number of customers by department

General Ledger: Conduct trial balance analysis and spot which transactions are responsible for any variances.

Cross Analysis: Use HR data to extend your scope and create more powerful analyses. For example, explore specific expense types such as mileage, meals or taxable extras across divisions, departments, grades and even demographic factors such as length of service.




Absence Summary: Summarise each employee's certified and uncertified sick leave in the past 12 months and the past 48 months.

Sample uses
Identify abuse of sick leave; calculate commonly used KPI’s such as “Bradford Factor” etc.

Aggregate Permanent Posts: Summarise current Posts situation by department, depot and job category using staff count and whole time equivalent.

Sample use
Determine where real vacancies exist across the organisation

All Attendance: List all absence between two dates.

Sample uses
Allows identification of absence issues and abuse by employees, depots and departments. Identify and monitor trends by type of absence over time.

All Employees: List all employees whether active or terminated.

Sample uses
Headcount, gender, grade, full time equivalent, age band and LOS analysis for active and terminated staff.

All Training & Development: List all employee training courses between two periods.

Sample use
List all employee training courses between two periods.

Health and Safety Certs: List all employees’ health and safety certifications.

Sample uses
Identify certification requirements by employee, depot and department. Spot upcoming requirements and plan courses accordingly. Identify non-compliant employees, depots and departments.




Active Employees: Lists all active staff

Sample use
Ability to report on Active staff using all HR entities - department, grade, depot, etc.

Current Remuneration: List current staff's remuneration

Sample use
Ability to report on remuneration using all HR entities - department, grade, depot, etc.

Pay Slip Analysis: List all pay slip lines (both deductions and payments) between two periods for all staff

Sample use
Combining payroll lines with HR entities allowed reporting on actual overtime across departments, depots, grades, etc.

Overtime by Period: Roll up remuneration and pay slip data with time and attendance rostered entitlements for employees on a period basis to compare expected overtime with actual overtime for outdoor staff

Sample use
Enables identification and monitoring of actual overtime spend by employee, depot and department on a period by period basis.

Allowances Analysis: Combine remuneration and pay slip data with time and attendance rostered entitlements to compare expected travel, meal and taxable extras with actual travel, meal and taxable extras.

Sample uses
Spot abuse of rostered allowances by employees, depots and departments. Identify savings and monitor trends.




Throwaway spend: Identify the best unit price achieved for any given product in a particular time frame and compare against all PO’s.

Maverick spend: Identify unapproved suppliers and expenditure that has not been correctly authorised.

Overspend:identify all PO’s which have been invoiced for a higher amount than they were originally ordered.

Strategic Analyses
- Which suppliers are relatively the most expensive to manage in administrative terms?
- In which categories do you have too few suppliers that might be candidates for extension?
- Which suppliers are sending too many small invoices and might be candidates for invoice consolidation?
- What are the price differentials by product/supplier?

Risk Analyses
- How much do you spend with local service providers?
- Which suppliers are overly dependent on you for the bulk of their income?
- Which suppliers have tax certificates that are out of date?




Logix delivers a clear picture into how opportunities are moving along through the sales cycle enabling organisations to easily identify any barriers between the initial lead generation stage and the final sales deal.

Answer questions such as:
- What changes have been made to the sales pipeline? Why have these changes been made?
- How have recent sales activities affected the overall forecast?
- How does this year’s sales performance compare to last year?

• Track changes to pipeline and forecast and discover what’s really going on with your sales team.
• Improve forecast accuracy and sales process based on analysis of past performance and metrics




Logix enables you to effortlessly explore and analyse key marketing metrics from any point in time.

Campaign Analysis

• Determine which opportunities/campaign members have been touched/not touched by marketing campaigns

• Monitor the progression of opportunities based on targeted campaigns

• Track campaign performance

Marketing Costs

• Understand true marketing cost per lead and by customer acquisition

Conversion Rates

• Analyse conversation rate of qualified leads to sales