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Logix Accelerators for Jobscience

With Logix Accelerators for Jobscience you can track applicants, placements and recruiters using interactive dashboards, drilldown and charts.

Day One Value
While Logix can be used to analyse multiple data sources in your organisation, one of its unique features is the broad suite of pre-packaged accelerators it delivers, offering day one value.

See the current list of accelerators below. To find out more about Logix Accelerators for Jobscience, please contact us directly on or +353 1 6853001.


Placements Ad hoc – Budget Vs Actual-image

Placements Ad hoc – Budget Vs Actual

High level summary of view of all net placement totals (fees – credit & reissues – clawbacks) compared against the budget values at a Divisional or team level within the organisation for any period range desired.  The pivot view allows speedy drilling down to the raw placement data for any level within the organisation for any time period.

Sample Questions
What are the best and worst performing placement divisions?
What teams are within our divisions?

Timeline by Client-image

Timeline by Client

Timeline view of net placement totals over per client.

Placements Ad Hoc-image

Placements Ad Hoc

This service allows the user to ask ad-hoc questions of the placement data and summarise it or group in any number of ways.  The data can be views in tabular or pivot format.

Sample Questions
List of all placements for this quarter across the organisation.

Placement Detail-image

Placement Detail

List of placements for a given time period, team and placement type.



The timeline service provides a high level organisational summary of all placements summarized by financial month. The top level view will summarize by division with the ability to drilldown to the lowest level of the organisation.  It is possible to drilldown from Divisional Summary to Divisional Detail (permanent, temporary, contractor splits) to Placement team right the way down to an individual recruiter level.

Placements by Month-image

Placements by Month

Full raw data for all placements in the selected financial month.  This data can be grouped and summarised in several ways. (e.g. grouped by division, placement team, currency recruiter etc., summarised by total fees, number of placements etc.)



Service listing all recruiters in a desired financial month, a summary of their net placement fee totals. This report is used to calculate the salaries to be paid by payroll.

Sample Questions
What is the list of all recruiters for this month?