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Logix Data Apps for Acuitas

Explore your clinical and retail Acuitas data including patient status, recalls, diary appointments, handovers and stock. See the full list of Logix data apps below.

Day One Value
While Logix can be used to analyse multiple data sources in your organisation, one of its unique features is the broad suite of
pre-packaged data apps it delivers, offering day one value.

To find out more about Logix Apps for Acuitas, please contact your Ocuco account manager or fill in their contact form.

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Patient Status Analysis-image

Patient Status Analysis

Instantly identify current patient status including last visit and recall.

Sample Questions
Who are my lapsed patients?
What is the demographic makeup of patients?

Recall Analysis-image

Recall Analysis

Quickly monitor recall activity and results including letters sent by type.

Sample Questions
What is the response rate to recalls?
What percentage of recalls convert into exams?

Optical Exams Analysis-image

Optical Exams Analysis

Quickly explore exam activity including exam types and categories.

Sample Questions
What are the most popular exam types?
What are the key reasons for patients to book exams??


Diary Appointment Analysis-image

Diary Appointment Analysis

Easily view appointment activity and trends including booked appointment types.

Sample Questions
Are appointment cancellations rising or decreasing?
What percentage of patients have subscribed to SMS alerts?

Diary Allocation Analysis-image

Diary Allocation Analysis

Identify overall diary slot performance.

Sample Questions
What are the upcoming available appointment days and slots?
What is the allocation rate for each quarter?

Handover Analysis-image

Handover Analysis

Identify resulting revenue including exams, outcome analysis and outcome sales.

Sample Questions
What is the revenue from exams over the past month?

Sales Analysis-image

Sales Analysis

Carry out value and volume analysis of orders

Sample Questions
What is the value of sales by frame type?
What is the volume of sales by order type?

Stock Analysis-image

Stock Analysis

Quickly identify items in and out of stock, including value, volumes and supplier analysis.

Sample Questions
Which items are out of stock?
Who are my cheapest suppliers?

Brand Performance-image

Brand Performance

Understand best sellers by brand and category, and quickly identify resulting opportunities by comparing value, volume and averages for this month, last month and last year.

Sample Questions
What is my best performing brand?
How is a brand performing compared to this time last year