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Logix Data Apps for Salesforce

With Logix Data Apps for Salesforce you can explore and analyse key sales and marketing metrics from any point in time. Explore areas such as leads, accounts, opportunities, product trends, marketing campaigns and sales forecast.

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Below are just some of the Data Apps which are currently in development..

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Sales Performance



Progression/History: Get a detailed breakdown of the progression of leads over time by creation date, conversion date and opportunity close date.

Sources: Display the key sources of leads generated (web-to lead, events, campaigns, word-of-mouth etc.)

Reps: Analyse leads by sales rep along with the region, expected close date, lead status and next actions.



Fiscal Period: Break down your opportunity pipeline into specified time periods i.e. by quarter or by year. You can see at a glance the relevant opportunities by product type, close date, amount and probability.

Stage:Analyse opportunities by stage and probability percentage.

Forecast: Provides forecasting analysis in real time – including predicted sales revenue and product demand.

Exceptions: Display opportunities with/without sales reps, open activities, contacts and products.

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Accounts & Contacts

Non-associative contacts:Display the contacts you own that are stored in the database with no associated accounts.

Neglected Accounts: Identify the accounts which have not been updated by a sales rep within the past 14 days (or whatever time period you determine as the threshold).





Campaign Influence: View influenced contacts/opportunities by campaign, as well as campaign members, status and start/end date. 

Campaign Ranking: Rank campaigns by number of responses, total ROI and number of contacts touched.

Campaign Effectiveness: Accurately assess what the direct result from a campaign has been including revenue achieved and the number of leads converted.