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Unit4 Financials

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Logix4 is a unique Data Linking, Analysis & Reporting solution for Unit4 (CODA) Financials.

Unit4 Nathean Partnership analysis reporting

There are many challenges today in maximising the value of the vast amounts of information being captured across databases, departments and projects. Not least some of the challenges include:

- Accessing disparate data silos in different systems and in various formats
- Too many spreadsheets and copies of aged data
- Ad-hoc reporting solutions generating multiple versions of the truth
- Reliance on IT support and need for super users for analysis and reporting
- Lack of control over published reports containing data from multiple systems

Logix4 addresses the challenges using its innovative in-memory linking and caching technology. By centralising control and linking directly to the sources of data Logix4 delivers insights in real-time and near real-time. A distinct advantage with Logix4 is its unique approach of using configuration rather than coding which means reduced project costs and faster time-to-value.

Logix4 includes intuitive analysis & reporting tools and ships with configurable out-of-the box metrics (Accelerators) for Unit4 Financials and other systems.

To find out more about Logix4 for Unit4 Financials, please contact your Unit4 account manager.

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Below are a list of configurable Accelerators for Unit4 Financials which ship with Logix4...

Click here to download the "Logix4 Unit4 Financials Accelerators" brochure


Budget v Actual-image

Budget v Actual

Budget v Actual: summarises Budget v Actual using Coda Hierarchy and Element Level(s) with Traffic Lighting, allowing for quick and easy comparison of actual figures to Budget, Forecast etc. 

Period Summary: summarizes Budget v Actual by Period for a Selected Row in the Summary Service with Traffic Lighting.

Drilldown: allows drilldown from Period Summary to Balance table level.  

Sample Questions
What are the variances to the budget?
What is the budget v actual reports for a cost centre?

General Ledger-image

General Ledger

Trial Balance: provides Period-on-Period Trial Balance Analysis 

Drilldown: Allows Drill Down from Summary to summarized Document data.

Element Enquiry: empowers users to query Document data for a specified year, period range, element level and element range.

Sample Questions
What is the monthly trial balance by account?

Accounts Payable-image

Accounts Payable

Suppliers: provides a list of all supplier details including the Supplier's main address details and any relations that are held against each Supplier.

Transactions: lists all Transactions with Supplier Details from a selected Creditor Control A/C for a specified Year and Period range

Year on Year: rolls up all Transactions with Supplier Details from a selected Creditor Control A/C for a specified Start Year and Number of Subsequent Years.

Aged Creditors: provides an age profile of all outstanding credit, providing a single line for each Supplier and posting attribute combination with age-banded amount columns.

Sample Questions
Which suppliers are missing payment details?
Which suppliers have poor credit terms?
What are my over-due invoices?
Which invoices are coming due for payments?

Accounts Receivable-image

Accounts Receivable

Customers: returns all Customer details held in the Master File, the Customer's main address details and any relations held against the Customer.

Transactions: pulls all Transactions with Customer Details from a selected Debtor Control A/C for a specified Year and Period range. Invoices paid over Configurable days for Customer Charter can be determined.

Year on Year: rolls up all Transactions with Customer Details from a selected Debtor Control A/C for a specified Start Year and Number of Subsequent Years.

Aged Debtors: identifies all Purchase Orders which have been invoiced for a higher amount than they were originally ordered.

Sample Questions
Which customers are missing contact details?
What are the number of customers by department?
Which orders have been raised for a zero amount?

System Configuration

System Configuration-image

System Configuration

FX Rates: shows currency FX rates for specified currencies (default USD, JPY, EUR) and specified dates

Elements: shows all available elements including default address & bank details.

User Capabilities: list capabilities by user.

Document Master and Template: List all Document Masters and Templates using this service.

Sample Questions
What are my users' capabilities?
What is the list of all documents masters using this service?




Bank Reconciliation: brings together the Coda and Bank Statement Balances in a Summary Page for Monthly bank Record.

Sample Question
Summary for monthly bank record




PO Line Details: returns all Purchase Order Line Details for the Period Range, Supplier and/or Product specified.

Year on Year: rolls up all Purchase Order Line Items for a specified Start Year and Number of Subsequent Years.

Sample Questions
Which products are being purchased from multiple suppliers where consolidation could better leverage purchasing power?
What are the effects of cost reduction measures by cost centre and department?
What are my low value PO's which could be amalgamated or ordered via payment cards?

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets-image

Fixed Assets

Summary: Summary position for all fixed assets on register.

Drilldown: allows users to drilldown to fixed asset transactional data.

Sample Questions
What is the breakdown of fixed assets?