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Logix is a complete Agile Business Intelligence Solution that brings information from all of your systems together in one intuitive centralised solution. With Logix you get built-in Data Governance features to provide people with controlled access to the information only they should see. Track your key metrics in configurable dashboards, investigate issues as they arise and make better and faster decisions.

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Data Governance

The perfect storm is brewing; mobile devices and a mobile workforce, high-speed broadband, the Cloud, Social Media, Big Data and everyone wanting instant access to data. How do you manage these competing demands today?
Whatever it's called, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Discovery it all means one thing - giving your people access to your company's business data. You really need to ask some vital questions around Data Governance before starting:

* Who will get access?

* How will people only see their information?

* What data do people access?

* Where is the data coming from?

* What about the existing data controls?

* How do I know the information is correct?

* How will availability, quality, integrity, security and audit of the data be managed?

Our unique approach with Logix means you can safely answer those questions and meet the dual demands of Business Users and Enterprise IT.

Bring People and Information Together - Securely

Logix can combine information from all of your systems whether they are on-premise, hosted or Cloud-based without requiring a complex and costly data warehouse. Bringing information and people together in iterative, goal-driven steps delivers value at each and every stage.

Logix WorkflowAdding context to your reporting and analytic capabilities by including new data sources gives you greater insight and helps you to achieve your strategic goals and objectives.


Dashboards and Data Visualizations

The agility of a BI solution can be measured by the amount of time it takes to create a new dashboard. With Logix, business users can easily and quickly configure their own dashboards by adding new metrics, changing layouts, and adopting new visualization techniques.

Logix Interactive Dashboards

Logix Dashboards highlight exceptions as they arise and managers can interactively drill down to identify the root causes. Management time is spent where it is most needed and remedial action, based on evidence not instinct, can be taken.

Accelerate your Data Management and BI Project

Our Logix Linx™ Server uses in-memory technology for lightning fast performance which means a more dynamic experience when you're looking for new business insights. Managers in organisations need to be made aware of events within one hour of their occurrence. Logix allows you to determine the urgency of data, whether this means it is real-time, near real-time, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Up to date information leads to more accurate decision making and better performance throughout your organisation.

Logix Data Mining - No More Spreadsheets

An intuitive BI solution empowers users to create and share insights with their colleagues, removing the time spent creating and distributing spreadsheets and eliminating errors associated with them.

Logix DataMining Power Tool

All Logix reports and analytics are built and published in a centrally validated environment for greater accuracy. Simple but powerful functionality removes the need to export to spreadsheets and encourages users to ask new questions and to collaborate with their colleagues for the betterment of the organisation.

Jump-start your BI journey with Logix Data Apps

Logix Data Apps are pre-packed solutions for business systems and departmental operations that deliver agile, role-based intelligence for everyone in your organisation, from front-line staff to senior management. Reduce the time to value of your BI journey to days rather than weeks or months, decrease the perceived risk of a BI deployment, and quickly instil confidence and drive adoption in your user base.

Logix Data Apps

Explore our range of data apps for ERP, Finance, CRM, HR and Payroll systems.

Look to the future with Predictive Analytics

More and more of our customers are looking for ways to get forecasts and trends using their existing data. They want to know the “why” not just the “what”. Logix was designed for ease of use and simplicity and the same principle is being applied to our new module around advanced statistical analysis based around the "R" open source modelling language.

Logix R

Normally people who need to create models spend a lot of time in preparing the data.

Logix Analytics has the distinct advantage of giving seamless access to prepared and managed datasets from the core Logix system so the majority of the analyst’s valuable time is spent on modelling and not on data preparation.

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