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Logix is a complete Agile Business Intelligence Solution that brings information from all of your systems together in one intuitive centralised solution. With Logix you get built-in Data Governance features to provide people with controlled access to the information only they should see. Track your key metrics in configurable dashboards, investigate issues as they arise and make better and faster decisions.

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Why Agile BI?

Agile Business Intelligence (BI) is a fast, flexible and cost-effective methodology that dramatically reduces the time-to-value of traditional Business Intelligence, reacts quickly to changing business needs and arms users with intuitive tools so they can get the answers they need.

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Customer Stories

Logix is used by a broad spectrum of customers across industry sectors and regions. In this section, you’ll find case studies and testimonials from real people using Logix to gain instant, real-time access to their data. Our customers report a Day One return on investment from a typical Logix implementation.

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In this section you will find a selection of brochures and informational packs so you can find out more about what Logix can do for you.

Browse the latest versions of these documents and download to share with others.

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How to Buy Logix

Find out how to start using Logix for instant data insights. Contact us at  or +353 1 6853001.

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