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Why partner with us?

Immediately deliver increased reporting and analytics capability to your customers

By delivering logix as a standard or optional component, your product immediately takes a leap beyond conventional reporting and analytics, introducing your customers to a world of visual interaction with your data – all without the headache of development time and cost!

Differentiate your product by surpassing industry reporting and analysis norms

Tightly integrated with your product and its delivery, logix is viewed by customers and prospects as an outstanding differentiator which your competitors will struggle to match. Logix also displaces stand-alone reporting and business intelligence solutions as customers seek simpler, better integrated solutions with greater return on investment.

Capture new licence and services revenue

Deliver logix as an integrated component of your technology offering and immediately capture licence and services revenue that would otherwise go to third party reporting and business intelligence vendors.

React to client reporting requirements without altering your product codebase

Integrated to your product and its data through configuration, logix is a separate reporting environment where new analyses are created by drag and drop actions. Using logix to deliver your clients’ ongoing analysis needs ensures you no longer have to code and deploy a new product release everytime your customer’s reporting requirements change.

Programme Supports

Our programme supports are designed to help partners when bundling logix as a key element of their solution. These supports enable partners to propose, differentiate and deliver product analytics to their customers.

Configuring your Partner Edition of logix 

We work closely with your team to create a partner edition of logix specifically focussed on your customers’ analytics and reporting requirements.

Extensive Technical Training

We ensure your team are fully trained to use, administer, support and deploy your partner edition of logix.

Comprehensive Sales Training  

We provide effective sales training to help your team demonstrate how logix increases the return on investment your product delivers, and differentiates you from competitors.

Support Services

As you would expect, a range of support options are provided which don’t stop at third level phone support during office hours (like so many other partner programmes). Need assistance on a key customer site? We’ll be there to help.

Benefit-driven Marketing and Messaging  

We’ve amassed significant experience of why customers choose logix for their analytics requirements and can help you market and message this effectively for your product.

Partnering for the future

Find out more about becoming a partner by filling out the form below. A logix account manager will contact you directly within two working days.