Agile Business Intelligence

Why Agile BI?

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Why Agile BI?

Agile Business Intelligence (BI) is a fast, flexible and cost-effective methodology that dramatically reduces the time-to-value of traditional Business Intelligence, reacts quickly to changing business needs and arms users with intuitive tools so they can get the answers they need.

Fast Time-to-Value

Traditionally, BI has been delivered using off-line data repositories — data warehouses or cubes. Typically, the design phase of a BI project adopted a “Waterfall” development process that up-front called for a complex, technical specification that sought to identify each and every potential data source, dimension and metric in an organisation and to design a matching data warehouse.

Recently software development has shifted from Waterfall to Agile methodologies based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organising, cross-functional teams. BI is now following suit. Complex specifications have been replaced with fast prototyping that encourage user feedback and pinpoint their needs.

Flexible & Cost Effective Solutions that Embrace Change

A 2011 survey of 200 businesses and IT executives conducted by Forrester found that 67% of respondents’ BI requirements changed on a monthly basis. Deterministic data warehouses and monolithic BI solutions are not aligned with this ever-changing environment.

Agile BI is characterized by a low Total Cost of Change (TCC). It is not only able to handle change better; it actively encourages business users and IT professionals to think about their data differently, to easily ask new questions and to visualize the answers in a variety of interesting & informative ways.

Intuitive BI for Everyone

In 2011 the Aberdeen Group discovered that the majority of business managers are reporting that they need access to information within one hour of business events occurring. If they are to have any chance of doing this they must not be reliant on IT or report writers to answer their questions for them.

Agile BI solutions provide intuitive dashboard, analytic and ad hoc tools that can be used by everyone in the organisation to get the answers they need when they need them. Exceptions are highlighted in user-configurable dashboards that then allow managers to drilldown to the root cause of anomalies. The result is the growth of a self-service reporting and analysis culture with more accurate decisions being arrived at much faster than before.

Make Data Governance your  #1 Priority...

The promise of Agile BI is very compelling for your business but underneath you have to be sure the right data is getting to the right people. This is where Data Governance comes in and you need to make it your top priority before starting on the BI journey. Without properly managed data access and data preparation the nice visualizations can easily become untrusted and the value quickly diminishes.

Check here for an overview of how Logix provides all the benefits of Data Discovery and Visualization with the underlying security of built-in governed data access.

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