3 Pain Points When You Divert From Your Core Business to Address Your Customers' Ever-growing Business Intelligence needs.

Posted by Maurice Lynch on 27-Oct-2016 14:43:05

As software products evolve, customers begin to understand the value locked in the data. Customers start to demand bespoke reporting and analysis. Customers do this so that they can better understand their own organisation and to make more informed decisions and drive their company forward.


The classic response by many ISVs is to do what their customers request and unwittingly start diverting resources away from core activities and into responding to ad hoc reporting requests.  Often client demands are met with a growing suite of reports which in turn lead to the more curious customers demanding further report variations.

Each report needs to be specified, developed, tested, released and maintained. Suddenly, due to depleted resources, development cycles are delayed or do not achieve their stated ambitions.

Does this ring true for you and your customers?

As the person responsible for delivering on your company’s product roadmap, you know how essential it is to ensure that your resources are fully focused on achieving the core objectives. This will give you the “secret sauce” required to beat your competitors.

Here are the 3 key pain points of branching out from your core objectives to address your customers ever-growing BI needs.

1. Never Ending Reporting Requests

Typically, an ISV will provide a basic suite of reports as an element of the product solution. Often this suite will somewhat meet the early reporting requirements of a new customer. As the customer matures they develop a pressing need to unlock the value of the data that you have helped them gather. The existing reporting capability no longer cuts the mustard and suddenly the number of ad hoc requests for more and more reports starts to become overwhelming.

2. Distracted Development Team

Every Product Manager has a finite number of resources with which they must achieve the objectives of their Product Roadmap. At the outset of each development cycle, the team set realistic objectives based on the team’s recognised Burn Rate.

The key to success is ensuring that all members of the team are completely focused on achieving the product’s core goals. Because it is these goals that provide the “secret sauce” that makes you better than your competitors, thereby enabling your sales team to bring home the bacon every quarter.

Often it easy to lose sight of key goals because of non-core, reporting & analysis related requirements coming in from the customer base

3. Customers in Excel Hell

In the right hands, Excel is a wonderful tool that grants a savvy business user the ability to answer pretty much any question that a set of data contains.

In many organisations, however, Excel usage spirals out of control resulting in some of the following issues:

  • Disconnected data being distributed around the organisation with no certainty as to the accuracy and timeliness of the data
  • Multiple versions of the truth where different spreadsheets from different people give different answers to the same question
  • Uncontrolled access to data whereby users see reports that really are not for their eyes

If you, your company or your customers are experiencing any of these 3 pain points I suggest that you get in touch with us in nathean.com and we can discuss how the Logix Analytics & Reporting platform can be your embedded BI Solution. Also you can learn how we enable ISVs to go-to-market faster, increase deal sizes with upsell opportunities, provide a whole product offering with Business Intelligence built-in, and improve customer satisfaction and retention.