Why it Makes Sense for Software Companies to Partner for Analytics

Posted by Maurice Lynch on 30-Mar-2017 12:45:00

When it comes to Analytics & Reporting there is a lot of choice out there. Not least, there is always the option for software companies to go down the road of developing their own bespoke tools specifically designed for integration with their own flagship product. With a bespoke version there will be very early wins - after all a bar chart is a bar chart. Once out in the field for a while with customers is when the problems can start.

Typically the bespoke reports are hard-corded and any new reporting or analysis requirements from the customer will need to ‘go back to base’ for coding. Is this the best use of developers’ time? Then you get into report and metadata management where customers want the ability to restrict reports, save, share and export the results. Before long they will want scheduled reports sent in PDF format to a select groups of users or provide API access for their Data Warehouse.  Now given the advances in predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms customers are asking to get more value from all that transactional data they are generating. So, how does the software company keep up?

Well, this is where there needs to be a shift in thinking by the product team. Does the product team truly believe the customer is best served by the custom reporting solution? If not, then what are the alternatives? There are two potential choices 1) licence a third party tool and just ship that with their product, out-of-the box or 2) develop a strategic partnership with a company which is focussed on developing best-in-class embeddable analytics for software companies. Nathean is one such company. Our product Logix is ‘built for partners’.  We develop long term relationships with our software partners to help them stick to their own mission critical roadmap and at the same time keep their customers happy and up-to-date on the reporting and analytics front.

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