The Value of Self-Service Business Intelligence

by Maurice Lynch on 16-Mar-2017 14:38:18


In this video we introduce Simon Hirst from our partner company, Ocuco, a global leader in Practice and Lab Management Systems. Simon is the BI product manager for ...

The Rise of Machine Learning in Business Intelligence

by Maurice Lynch on 09-Mar-2017 13:12:09

In this podcast Maurice Lynch, Nathean CEO, discusses how Business Intelligence is moving to incorporate more advanced technologies such as Machine Learning algorithms.

Business Benefits of Partnering for Analytics & Reporting

by Maurice Lynch on 02-Mar-2017 10:13:26

Maurice Lynch, Nathean CEO, discusses how partnering can accelerate your organisation on its journey build a better analytics and reporting capability. Ultimately people want to ...

The Relevance of Corporate Culture in Data Analytics

by Maurice Lynch on 23-Feb-2017 12:45:00

In this video interview Nathean Technologies CEO, Maurice Lynch, discusses the relevance of corporate culture to the adoption of a data-driven decision making environment.


Embedded BI or Build Your own?

by Maurice Lynch on 16-Feb-2017 13:29:35

In this video Nathean Technologies CEO, Maurice Lynch, discusses the benefits of choosing an embedded BI solution over going down the route of building your own.

Dependency on Spreadsheets and Super Users is Loaded with Risk…

by Maurice Lynch on 09-Feb-2017 12:29:21

There are several articles on the internet telling us Microsoft Excel might be the

What’s the difference between Business Analytics and Business Intelligence?

by Maurice Lynch on 02-Feb-2017 14:18:47

There is a lot of terminology that gets thrown around in the world of BI (Business Intelligence), and it’s easy to get lost in interpretation.


Bottom-line, there are two ...