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Analytics Embedded at the Point-Of-Decision.
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“I have also been very impressed with the response to the ad hoc requests we have submitted. As an example, I asked if the sales ordering process enquiry could include whether or not the sales invoice had been paid. We now have a standard enquiry that not only brings together all the relevant sales order and invoice details but also if the invoice has been paid plus all the customer address details.”

Maggie Martin - Systems Accountant

Plymouth University

Irish Water
Public Sector - Fingal County Council
Fingal Co.Co.
Insurance - Thornton & Partners
Thornton & Partners

“Nathean Analytics enables us to perform more detailed analysis across all our finance systems in a user friendly way. [It] already provides us with better visibility of contract expenditure for procurement, transparency information for the public and management information on debt..."

Phil Wilson - Chief Accountant

Swale Borough Council

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