Extend the reach of your ERP system, making it a one-stop shop for reporting & analytics

A Single Source of Truth

Help your customers to eliminate Data Silos that create confusion and uncertainty.

Enterprise Wide Reporting

With tools for every level of user, Nathean Analytics covers the “last mile” of reporting & BI.

Faster Time to Customer Value

Pre-packaged Data Apps allow partners to reduce project durations, enabling fast time to value.


Analytics in ERP

In a perfect world, implementing an ERP system would result in all of an organisation’s data being perfectly integrated in a single application and accessible under a single security framework. Customer requirements, however, come from the real world and even the most configurable of ERP systems is rarely able to cover every aspect of an organisation.

Nathean enables our ERP partners to enhance their product offering with truly Enterprise-Wide BI and reporting: utilising the security framework built into their product to govern access to all their customers’ data whether that’s held in third-party applications, legacy systems, or even unstructured, ad-hoc data sources such as Microsoft Excel.

What Our Partners Say

Nathean Analytics empowers casual and business users alike to ask questions of their underlying Unit4 data easily via a simple user interface. Immediate answers are generated without the need to call on technical resources thereby saving both time and money”


- Anwen Robinson, (former) Managing Director - Unit4 UK

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