Data Governance

Highlighted Feature: Data Governance

The perfect storm is brewing; GDPR regulations, mobile devices and a mobile workforce, high-speed broadband, the Cloud, Social Media, Big Data and everyone wanting instant access to data. How do you manage these competing demands today?

Whatever it's called, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Discovery it all means one thing - giving your people access to your company's business data.

You really need to ask some vital questions around Data Governance before starting:
* Who will get access?
*How will people only see their information?
* What data do people access?
* Where is the data coming from?
* What about the existing data controls?
* How do I know the information is correct?
* How will availability, quality, integrity, security and audit of the data be managed?

With our platform you can safely answer those questions and meet the dual demands of Business Users and Enterprise IT.


Key Features & Benefits


With our Microsoft Azure based platform, your customers can opt for industry leading data security and cloud performance. A flexible software architecture allows for on-site, cloud or hybrid implementations to suit any customer requirements.


With a wide range of native drivers and APIs, our software can connect to data in almost any environment.

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Data security is at the heart of everything we do and our software has been developed from the ground up with this in mind. Data access can be granted based to individual users, groups or IP addresses and datasets can be configured to return only that data which a given user is authorised to see.


Full RESTful API compliance allows users to connect to data held in cloud systems, while the Nathean BI Server includes a REST API that allows it to act as a Web Service providing governed data access to third parties.

  OEM Branding

To ensure a consistent look and feel to your application, our software can be fully skinned and branded with partner logos and colour palettes.

  Data Governance

Our Warehouse-free approach to analytics empowers organisations to gain control of their data at source: governing user’s access to, and ability to interact with, the organisation’s data assets. Previously insecure spreadsheets can be incorporated into a managed environment, while our dataset architecture enables single-source-of-truth reporting.

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