Drilldown to Transaction Level

Our dataset architecture allows users to drill down to the transactions underlying Dashboard KPIs


As an Enterprise-scalable BI solution, Nathean Analytics enables our partners to expand their footprint within their client implementations.

Faster Time to Customer Value

Pre-packaged Data Apps allow partners to reduce project durations, enabling fast time to value.

Professional services

Analytics in Professional Services

Projects flounder when Project Managers lose sight of detail. Nathean Analytics comes with full drilldown capabilities that allow PMs to delve beneath the traffic lights and KPIs on their personally tailored dashboards right down to the transaction or timesheet level.

Deliverable in the Cloud, Nathean Analytics offers secure, anywhere, anytime access to your customers project teams enabling them to spend less time pulling data together in spreadsheet tools, and more time actively managing their projects!

Role based access to data enables the same datasets used by the Project Management teams to form the basis of Management Dashboards, KPIs and Reports, reducing the level of development required to provide every level of a Professional Services organisation with the information they need.

What our customers say

“Nathean Analytics has enabled Xura to provide the Project management community with real time dashboards to enable PM’s and Operational Directors transparency on in flights projects. This has also enabled the decommission an existing in-house Project Management application and use Agresso Planner as a forecasting and management tool”

– Aaron Parmar, Business Transformation Manager XURA (NASDAQ: MESG)

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