Introduction to Nathean Analytics
- Datasets
- Dataset Parameters
- Field Definitions
- Datasets - Live/Cached/Data Marted
- Dataset Views
- Logging into Nathean Analytics
- The Menu Bar
- System Settings Menu
- Change System Language
- User menu - Change Password or Log Off
- The Search Bar
- Forgotten Password

*New* Training Videos  - Jan 2021

Analyser - How to use
Dashboards - Interacting with Nathean Dashboards
Dashboards - Editing Dashboards
Spreadsheets - How to Open and Update
Reports - How to Run a Nathean report
Scheduler - Creating and Editing a Schedule
Spreadsheets - Data Connected Spreadsheets

Dashboards - Interacting with Dashboards

- Accessing the Dashboards
- Dashboard Views
- View Info Icon
- View Parameters
- Dashboard Global Parameters
- View Filters
- Series Names - turning on and off
- Drill down on a Series
- Export Drill Down Records to Excel/CSV
- View Detail Button
- Export View Detail to Excel/CSV
- Expand View to Full Page
- Open View in Analyser
- Pre-Filters
Editing Dashboards
- Edit Mode
- Moving Views around on the Dashboards
- Add Existing View to the Dashboard
- Adding a Filter Panel
- Save changes to the Dashboard
- Using the Filter Panel
- Deleting Filter Panel and Views from the Dashboard
- Open underlying Dataset
- Force Cache Refresh
- Carousel Settings
- Manage Dashboards
- Create New Dashboard
- Adding Views to Dashboard
- Dashboard Permissions
- Changing Layout of Views on Dashboard
- Adding a New View to a Dashboard
- Editing View Properties from the Dashboard
- Series Properties
- Changing the Colour of the Series
- Adding another Measure
- Enable Right Axis on the Chart
- Turning Series on and off
- Saving Dashboard and switching back to View Mode
- Applying Pre-Filters to the View
- Deleting a Dashboard

Report Designer

- Setting the Sort Order on a Report
- Summarising Data in a Report
- Adding Groups, Headers and Footers to a Report (Report Bands)
- Adding additional Headers and Footers bands to a report
- Adding Page Breaks to a Report
- Resize Fields on a Report
- Adding Column Headers to a Report
- Setting Parameters in the report Scheduler
- Changing the font of fields in a Report
- Adding a calculated field to a report
- Saving a report
- Adding a Pivot to a Report
- Editing a Report
- Adding "Page Number" and "Date" to Report
- Adding Fields to a Report
- Creating a New Report
- Adding a Logo or Image to a report
- Changing the Page Size of a Report

Data Federation

- Adding a Hint to a Field Header
- Adding a Field to an Existing Dataset
- Adding/Editing User and User Group Permissions on a Dataset
- Changing Field Headers
- Deleting unused Master Fields
- Reverting to a Previously Used Dataset Query
- Creating a Dashboard
- Changing a Dashboard Theme
- Changing a Dashboard Layout
- Adding a View to a Dashboard
- Deleting a View from a Dashboard
- Deleting a View
- Changing the Display Format of a Field
- Changing Field Alignment
- Adding a Lookup Parameter to a Dataset
- Defining filters for a Dataset
- Adding User Parameters
- Building a Headline View in a Dashboard
- Editing User/Group Permissions on a Dashboard
- Building a Bar Chart
- Building a Bubble Chart
- Building a Pie Chart
- Building a Horizontal Bar Chart
- Building a Line Graph
- Creating a New Connection to Microsoft SQL Server
- Creating a Dataset with a database SQL query
- Adding a Dataset from an Excel Workbook


- Toggling Metrics on a Dashboard View
- Logging into Logix Eco
- Using Filters on a View/Dashboard
- Auto-Loading/Looping Dashboards
- Viewing Detail and Summary Data
- Drilldown and Logix Stellar
- Reordering Views in a Dashboard
- Deleting a View from a Dashboard
- Exporting Data from a View
- Navigating Between Dashboards
- Saving a Chart as an Image
- Forgotten Password


Creating and Editing Schedules*
- What is the Nathean Analytics Scheduler?
- The Manage Schedules Page
- How to create a new Schedule
- Adding Reports to the Schedule
- How to upload a Report to FTP/SFTP Server
- Adding a View to the Schedule
- Use Display Labels for View Exports
- Include or Exclude Header Rows
- Save Report or View as File to Network Folder
- Adding Report/View Recipients to the Schedule
- Applying Parameter Values to Schedule
- Editing an existing Schedule
- Run Schedule on Demand
- View History of when Schedule Ran and - Status
- Configuring FTP Settings on User Record
- Configuring Network Folder Location on User Record
- File Name Masks


Analyser Training*
- Opening a View
- How to Apply Parameters
- Grids and Views Explained
- Grid and Column Arrangement
- Field Chooser
- Remove All Columns
- Reload View
- Refresh Button
- Force Cache Refresh
- Resizing Column and Best Fit
- Column Alignment
- Column Sorting
- Simple Filtering
- Filter Builder
- Grouping (Text)
- Grouping (Date Intervals)
- Group Summaries (Creating/Editing)
- Group Summaries (Numerical Format)
- Group Summaries (Sorting By)
- Sort By Groups (Right Click)
- Multiple Group Sorting
- Comparing Group Summaries (Formula)
- Save View and Save As
- Chart Button
- Chart Selector
- Chart Visible Series
- Chart Sorting
- Chart Series Properties
- Chart Download
- Chart By Date Trending
- Add to Dashboard
- Permissions
- Download
- Favourite View
- Edit View Name
- Delete View
- Open View / Dataset Definition
- Navigate to New View/Dataset


- How to Open a Spreadsheet
- Overview of simple standalone Spreadsheet
- Copying and Pasting Data in a Spreadsheet
- Saving the Spreadsheet
- View Spreadsheet Modifications

Dataset Connected Spreadsheets

- Adding a new Spreadsheet
- Connecting a Spreadsheet to a Dataset
- Preparing the Spreadsheet for linked Data
- Demonstration of Data being pulled into Spreadsheet
- Save Spreadsheet with Data as new Spreadsheet
- Populate the Spreadsheet Budgets with values to Import
- Create new Dataset from Spreadsheet
- Create another Dataset Linked Spreadsheet
- Define Named Range
- Define Dataset Linked Fields in the Spreadsheet
- Allow Saving Back to Dataset from Spreadsheet
- Defining Primary Field in Dataset Field Definition
- Enable Save Data on Spreadsheet
- Demonstration of Saving Data in Spreadsheet back to Dataset
- How to access the online help for more information


- How to Run a Report
- What are Nathean Reports?
- How to Open a Report
- Report Parameters
- Selecting Output File Type for the Report
- Force Cache Refresh before Executing
- Opening Downloaded File
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