Nathean Embedded Analytics enables Fintech companies to leverage their user data without losing focus on their core development cycle

Drilldown to Transaction Level

Nathean Analytics dataset architecture allows users to drill down to the transactions underlying Dashboard KPIs.

Enterprise Wide Reporting

Connect other systems to your Financial data to provide richer insight into financial trends.

Self-Service Business Intelligence

Empower business users to create their own reports and dashboards, allowing vendors to focus their developers on their core application.


Analytics in Fintech

Fintech is moving at a breath-taking pace with start-ups staking their claim at a rate reminiscent of the landgrab of the dot-com era of the 1990’s. In such a fast-moving environment, time-to-market can be everything.

Financial transactions generate huge amounts of data and consumers expect to be able to easily visualise and interpret this data in a secure environment.

Nathean Embedded Analytics offers Fintech vendors the ability to meet this expectation without re-inventing the wheel, shifting development sprints away from their core product or maintaining large libraries of “pre-canned” reports.

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