Fintech Analytics

    Enterprise Level  Platform

    Having the right tools for the right users helps our partners drive Business Intelligence through every level of their customers’ organisations.

    Self-Service Analytics & Reporting

    Empowers business users to create their own reports and dashboards, allowing vendors to focus their developers on their core application.

    Adaptable Architecture

    Nathean Analytics dataset architecture enables users to respond to business changes quickly, reducing maintenance overheads.

    "Nathean Embedded Analytics enables Fintech companies to leverage their user data without losing focus on their core development cycle"

    Analytics in Fintech

    Nathean Embedded Analytics offers Fintech vendors the ability to meet this expectation without re-inventing the wheel, shifting development sprints away from their core product or maintaining large libraries of “pre-canned” reports. With our analytics technology Fintech companies can help tackle the major challenges facing financial institutions such as regulation, credit risk, digital transformation and customer success.

    Some of our customers in Fintech