Find out more about becoming a Nathean partner and learn how to increase revenues and enhance customer satisfaction.

    Focus on Your Core Business

    You want to keep your talented development team focused on building and supporting your core business application

    Accelerate Time-to-Market

    You want a quality technology stack that is already built and delivers the fastest path from insight to action for your customers

    Increase Revenues

    You want to develop new revenue streams without incurring the considerable expense of building new products

    Customer Satisfaction

    You want your customers to look after their own analytics & reporting requirements direct from your application with minimal intervention

    Why Build when you can Partner

    We differ from the crowd by being Partner-First which means we commit to building long term business relationships with our partners. When it comes to analytics our success is your success. 

    "Embedded Analytics users are 69% more likely to be satisfied with accessibility of data"

    - Aberdeen Research Group 

    Improve Information Quality

    On average only 19% of Irish CEOs said the information they receive is adequate. (Source: PwC Global CEO Survey 2019)

    Gain Competitive Advantage

    Make your product stand out from the competition by embedding analytics in your web application.

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