Analytics in Life Sciences
    Accelerating Digital Transformation in Life Sciences

    Data-Driven Decision Making

     Identify process inefficiencies, skills and knowledge gaps while eliminating waste across the supply chain helping reduce costs and improving performance.

    Right-First-Time Metrics

    Regulatory reporting needs to be accurate and timely for quality and compliance. It is critical to measure and improve on Right-First-Time metrics at every step in the process.

    Team Collaboration

    Integrating data from multiple disparate systems that can be shared securely means convenience and compliance can be achieved without compromise.

    "Put real-time, actionable information into the hands of employees"

    Advanced Artwork & Labelling Production Analytics

    We work closely with our partner Perigord - Life Science Solutions. Perigord deliver enhanced value to their customers with Nathean's Embedded Analytics & Reporting platform which is seamlessly integrated with their Artwork Management System (GLAMS).

    "As global healthcare markets become more cost constrained, pharmaceutical companies are leveraging the data generated across all aspects of the supply chain to drive decision making and gain competitive advantage over their rivals. 

    It has been estimated that operating efficiencies achieved by enhancing processes or eliminating inefficiencies identified using Advanced Artwork and Labelling Production Analytics (AALPA) can range from between 50% to 70%. This presents a concrete opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to increase productivity, reinforce compliance, accelerate time-to-market and remove unwanted waste from the supply chain." - Perigord

    The learn more about "Advanced Artwork and Labelling Production Analytics" download the whitepaper: 

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