Clinical & Business Intelligence for Ophthalmology Clinics

    Increase Conversion Rates

    Identify and remedy inefficiencies in patient flow leading to better overall conversion rates.

    Better Financial Control

    Get instant insights into revenue trends with the ability to drill into the reasons behind the numbers.

    Optimise Resources

    With interactive analytics on diaries and appointments make better use of the clinic's time and resources. 

    "Data-Driven Decision Making to Optimise Patient Flow and Improve Clinic Performance"

    Analytics for Ophthalmology

    The operation of a modern ophthalmology clinic generates a significant amount of data, often in disparate silos from different systems and machines. Applying an analytics tool to any one of the systems can provide staff with better visibility of the clinic’s revenue, expenses, resource utilisation or patient information. Bringing that data together, however, moves from mere visibility and into the world of insight, providing administrators and clinicians with the ability to understand the how and why of the entire clinic’s workings. For example, through analysis of patient flow, an increase in conversion rates would indicate increased demand and  appointment schedules can be adjusted to meet the demand and maximise revenue potential.

    With the Nathean Analytics Platform as the centralised hub for Data Integration, Analytics & Reporting, clinics can gain significant improvement in conversion rates, better financial control, effective resource management, elimination of inefficiencies and streamlined patient flow.

    Features Include: Key Business Benefits
    • Works for a single clinic and scales to multiple clinics in a group 
    • Connect and link multiple data sources (EHR, PMS, Finance, HR, Machine data, Cloud data...)
    • Applied AI for clinical and patient flow analysis 
    • Read data directly from scans (Pentacam, OCT, MOVU, MS-39...) using Machine Learning
    • Scan and Image Cataloguing 
    • Categorisation of Appointments and Patient Types
    • Interactive Dashboards with drilldown to transaction level at HQ level and individual clinics
    • Formatted Scheduled Reports for automated emailing
    • Smart Spreadsheets for data entry to enrich existing data
    • And more....
    • Measure performance at HQ level and down to individual clinics 
    • Revenue trending, comparisons and projections for better financial control
    • Significant reduction in time spent on reporting 
    • Patient flow optimisation through patient categorisation
    • Appointment analysis to aid cashflow projections 
    • Diary analytics for resource optimisation and scheduling 
    • Pre-operative and post-operative results analysis per procedure to assist in future recommendations 
    • Adherence to emerging Ethical AI principles and regulations
    • Enhanced data security and audit trails for GDPR compliance

    Our company has over 15 years experience in working in the optical and healthcare sector. We work in environments with patient data, so security and data governance are paramount to us. All our support staff are HIPPA compliant.  As well as our proven Business Intelligence platform we have experts in the field of data integration, data mining and reporting to help you drive the best performance for your ophthalmology organisation no matter what the size.

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