“We are proud to be a founding industry member of HCAIM.


We believe AI should be ethical, enhancing our humanity and ensuring adherence to ethical principles and values, but also robust - both from a technical and social perspective - and lawful complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Masters (MSc.)

Challenges and problems set around real world problems will be created by SMEs and Excellence Centres as well as Universities and will be designed-in to each syllabus. Access to latest methods of creating AI solutions and hands-on training will be supported through cooperation with local SMEs, excellence centres and ICT corporations.



Those with a primary degree and solid background in technology. Interested in cutting-edge technology and being passionate to ensure that technology works for the good of mankind. Some background in programming and basic statistics is needed to undertake the programme.



A European Union funded project focused on Human Centered AI. This MSc aims to support Legal, Regulatory Compliant and Ethical adoption of AI by helping develop highly skilled resources with deep knowledge of AI and Human Centered approaches to its application. Graduates of this programme will have, not just a knowledge of Ethics relating to AI but also knowledge of how to apply these in real world situations.

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Pan European Partnership

The HCAIM consortium consists of three excellence centres, three SMEs and four Universities. The partnership brings together professionals from the world of academia and companies with considerable records of interest in the Human-Centered and Ethical Aspects of AI Applications. They represent a strong team where all the members make a special contribution based on their own experience and excellence.

Universities: Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary), Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (Italy), Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht (Netherlands) and Technological University Dublin (Ireland)

Excellence Centres: National Research Council (Italy), European Software Institute (Bulgaria) and CeADAR - UCD (Ireland)

SMEs: Nathean Technologies (Ireland), Citel Group (Italy) and Real A.I. (Netherlands)


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