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    For over 20 years, Nathean Analytics has been a leader in delivering powerful Business Intelligence software and services. Our innovative analytics and reporting tools empower companies from a variety of industries to harness the power of data-driven decision making, resulting in improved performance and success.

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    Life Sciences

    Helping Life Science companies identify opportunities for cost reduction in every aspect of the supply chain.


    Provide clinicians and administrators with deeper insights into their day-to-day operations for better performance.

    Ophthalmology Clinics

    Optimise patient flow and improve clinic performance through advanced analytics and applied AI technologies.

    Ethical AI

    AI has the potential to redefine every part of our society. The importance of ethics in AI is paramount and pressing.

    Take Your Business to the Next Level

    Whether you need to streamline your data management, maximise your business intelligence, or elevate your analytics game, Nathean Analytics has the tools and expertise to help you succeed.  Join the ranks of industry leaders by fostering a data-driven culture with Nathean Analytics.

    About Us

    Nathean was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2001 and has grown its customer base across multiple sectors internationally by delivering fast, flexible, cost-effective data analytics solutions, accelerating the mainstream use of Data Visualisation, Machine Learning and AI.

    Our software, when deployed as part of a digital transformation strategy, is proven to significantly increase the level of automation in report generation and analytics. End-users are freed from mundane error-prone manual report creation enabling them to carry out more meaningful and impactful tasks. The fully managed Nathean stack is designed with Data Governance built-in since its inception which means it seamlessly integrates and securely accesses enterprise data sources with its wide range of data connectors

    As a founding industry member of Ireland’s Centre for Applied AI Technology Centre (CeADAR), we have participated in several funded research projects with academia, including TUDublin, on Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Partnership Programme and are currently active in the EU funded Human-Centred AI Masters (HCAIM) project. We have been an Enterprise Ireland client since 2008.

    As well as our analytics & reporting platform we also provide supporting project services in:
    • Project Management
    • Business Analysts
    • Data Engineering
    • Software Development




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