Interactive Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards with Drilldown to Row Level

Developed using the latest in web application and mobile technologies. Our agile approach means Dashboards can be created and published in an instant with drill-down capability to any linked data source. Any of the visualisations can be embedded in your application or portal via our API.

Multi-Source Linking

According to IBM, "by 2021, 98% of organisations plan to adopt hybrid architectures, but just 38% will have the procedures and tools they need to operate that environment"

When it comes to data we believe that it's better to "Use it, Don't Move It".

With Nathean you can connect to any data source and experience the benefits of more meaningful business insights through data linking and analysis. The Nathean Integration Server makes the most of the revolution in Cloud and database technologies. Go direct to the source or if you must move it then use our unique Auto-ETL™. Our custom developed Nathean Hybrid Data Connector  can securely connect to data at any location (Cloud or on-premise) enabling true hybrid enriched-data analytics and reporting solutions.

Augmented Analytics

Ad-hoc Query Analysis

Our Visual Analytics Workspace enables people to discover and share their own insights from their data. Through simple interactive filtering, sorting, grouping and charting, new Views can be created, saved or added to dashboards. No programming required!

Machine Learning

We aim to deliver analytic tools which do not require access to expert users. Our Analytics suite includes automated data segmentation machine learning algorithms which have wide applicability across multiple domains and helps people better understand and serve their business, customers and suppliers.

The Nathean Integration Server provides secure access to cleansed and governed datasets. These datasets can be used as sources to Machine Learning services on Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, Amazon AWS and Google using our built-in scripting engine.

Machine Learning


Geo-coded data offers the opportunity for eye-opening business insights. The mapping feature is fully integrated with Google Maps, allowing heat maps or colour coded data points which can be clicked to return more detail to be displayed on our dashboards.

Data Preparation

There is a real need to ensure data is correct and well formed before being used in analytics especially which applying certain Machine Learning algorithms. Our embedded scripting engine (using C#.NET and R) and supporting libraries enables powerful Data Wrangling capabilities to help prepare structured and unstructured data for analysis. Data Preparation is an iterative process and involves data collection, Metadata Analysis, data splitting, feature engineering and data transformation. Nathean Analytics is a great choice for teams who have embraced DataOps to manage their data pipeline.


Data Preperation
Excel Spreadsheets

Governed Excel Spreadsheets

Nathean Sheets empower users with the flexibility of Microsoft Excel™ in a secure, browser-based environment greatly reducing the risk of data loss, duplication or isolation. Sheets support complex Excel formulas, can be configured to use Lookups (eliminating data entry errors) and, as a fully integrated component of the platform, can be used as a dataset or combined with other datasets to increase the depth and range of business insights available.

Pixel Perfect Reports

People have different needs when it comes to reporting. Nathean Report Builder is ideal when there is a need for scheduled pixel-perfect reports. The Report Builder is fully governed, managed and auditable. All reports are archived and can be automatically distributed via email or ftp in popular formats such as PDF and Excel. We call this “The Last Mile” in analytics…

Pixel Perfect Reports


Configurable single sign-on and pass through authentication including customizable Data Access Controls.


Host in the Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid. Configurable for multi-tenancy.


User Inteface customised and branded through simple configuration.


Connect to any Cloud or On-Premise RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL etc.), RESTful source or Excel/CSV flat files. See All Connectors


Secure RESTful application programming interface (API) enabling tight integration into your application and other systems.

Data Governance

At the core of the platform ensuring all data assets are formally managed and access is fully auditable.


Why Nathean?

One of the key criteria for selecting an Analytics & Reporting solution is the commitment and long term partnership with the vendor. We work in close partnership with our customers to ensure a seamless integration of our platform with their systems and data.

Build v Buy?

"Nathean Analytics brings new insights to help us adapt to change"
                                                 - Yvonne Connell, Head of IT - Trinity Laban