Retail Analytics 

    Optimise Supply Chain

    Having the right tools for the right users helps our partners drive Business Intelligence through every level of their customers’ organisations.

    Forecast Demand

    Empowers business users to create their own reports and dashboards, allowing vendors to focus their developers on their core application.

    Inventory Management

    Nathean Analytics dataset architecture enables users to respond to business changes quickly, reducing maintenance overheads.

    "Increase margins by empowering Store Managers to make data-driven decisions"

    Analytics in Retail

    The retail market is fiercely competitive. With fluctuating markets, tight margins and changing consumer trends, retailers can’t afford to be in the dark about their business.

    Data-driven decisions give retailers the edge. The more data a retailer has at their fingertips, the better the decisions that can be made. Nathean Analytics provides real-time and historical analysis on all aspects of the retail world. Tracking sales by demographic, stock movement, stock leakage, staff performance all become simple with this multi-source, highly-customisable reporting tool. Using historical trends and forecasted models, retailers can strategise based on real data points. Nathean Analytics puts all the power of Data Analytics in the hands of the retailer.

    Use the predictive analytics tool to segment customers or stock items in order to ascertain trends and forecast future behaviour. Schedule KPI reports to deliver to individual stores and managers. Create rich, dynamic dashboards hosted in the cloud, accessible from all devices so that you can be ahead of the curve and immediately respond to market changes.

    The full stack reporting suite not only provides real-time, high-level data analysis, but also enables full drilldown capabilities, allowing outlying data and exceptions to be examined at a transaction level.  A fully cloud-based, HTML5 platform, Nathean Analytics is accessible on every device, delivering analysis when and where it is most needed. The advanced in-memory caching server allows large swaths of data to be delivered instantly, enabling quick identification of patterns and enabling forecasting based on past performance.

    No longer solely the domain of the data-analyst, Nathean Analytics delivers sweeping reporting capabilities to the business with a minimum amount of training.

    What our Customers Say

    “In the retail environment it is always an advantage to have a single communication portal to focus on what is important and not to have the delay and cost of having to change the main operational store systems when reporting needs change.”
    - David Hart, Supply Chain Director, Vision Express

    “Nathean Analytics has brought massive value to the company as it has allowed for data to be analysed quicker and easier than before. It provides a greater insight into what’s selling for Rayners.”

    - Simon Hirst,  (fomerly of) Rayner Opticians