“Providing Clinicians and Administrators in healthcare with deeper insights into
their day-to-day operations leading to i
mproved outcomes and efficiencies in Patient Care" 

Hospital Wide
Business Intelligence

Use Clinical & Business Analytics to make data driven decisions across the key Healthcare areas that will translate patient care challenges into patient care successes

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Reduce operational costs, increase equipment efficiencies and ensure the optimum patient to staff  ratio is maintained leading to improved patient care


Streamline Team

Clinicians, managers and administrators all operate interpedently for effective patient care and outcomes. By employing a data integration platform where information from multiple systems can be shared securely means convenience and compliance can be achieved without compromise

Healthcare Analytics
Heathcare Analytics

Analytics in Healthcare

Hospitals and Healthcare Organisations are under constant pressure to cut administrative costs, make better use of scare resources and improve patient outcomes.

The operation of a modern hospital generates mountains of data, often in disparate silos. Applying an analytics tool to any of these systems can provide healthcare professionals with better visibility of departmental expenditure, stock levels, resource utilisation or patient health.

Bringing that data together, however, moves us beyond visibility and into the world of insight: providing managers with the ability to understand the how and why of their department’s workings.

Some of the key metrics delivered through Nathean Analytics from multiple hospital systems:

  • Emergency Department Dashboard/KPIs
  • Waiting List Analytics 
  • Theatre Management Efficiency Analysis
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Patient Appointment  Analysis
  • Patient Flow Analytics 
  • Inpatient Revenue by Specialty
  • Admissions/Discharge Analysis
  • Radiology Statistics
  • High Cost Drugs Analysis
  • Endoscopy and Cath. Lab Analysis
  • Safety Notifications (Risk Analysis)
  • Insurance Reimbursement Analysis
  • Exception Management

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