Analytics in Educational Institutions

    Student Retention

    Use the power of data and KPIs to improve retention rates which means a better outcome all round for the students and the institute. 

    Operational Efficiences

    Enable administrators to streamline operations through
    analytics in HR, Payroll & Finance.

    Fast Access to Information

    Quickly  respond to ad-hoc and statutory information requests while having a 360 degree view of the entire institute.  

    "Data-driven decision making to streamline operations and reduce inefficiencies"

    Analytics in Education

    Enrollments, Retentions, Withdrawals, Transfers, Achievements, Student Demographics, Alumni Fundraising, Research Performance… the level of analysis required in educational institutions seems to grow by the term!

    A student's success or failure can have many contributing factors, and the data that represents those factors may reside in many different systems.

    Nathean's Analytics & Reporting solution enables educational institutions to combine data from those systems, without the need for complex data warehouses or loss of crucial detail to aggregation.

    The Nathean platform can interconnect with many back office systems to provide consolidated analysis for operational and statutory reporting at the institution level and down to department and staff level. The solution provides connectors for a wide variety of business systems such as CoreHR, CorePay and Financial systems such Unit4 Business World (Agresso) as well as Student Management Systems.

    What Our Customers Say

    “Nathean Analytics provides additional insight to help the Institute adapt to change in the sector”
    Yvonne Connell, Head of IT - Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance