Nathean for IBM Maximo Projects
    Data Collection, Preparation and Quality Control

    Data Collection & Preparation

    Collect, cleanse and transfer data using the Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) format. The Nathean platform takes the data from collection through cleanse and QA and finally is loaded into Maximo using the Maximo Integration Framework.

    Data Integration

    The Maximo Integration Framework facilitates bidirectional data exchange between the system and external applications in real-time or batch mode. Through the integration framework, data is exchanged synchronously and asynchronously using a variety of communication protocols

    Track Key Project Metrics

    Track data collection project progress with Nathean Analytics and Reporting. The whole process is made available to management via a number of dashboards and reports which helps keep the project on track.

    What Our Customers Say

    "Nathean played a vital role in the asset data capture project. Their data integration products greatly helped in speeding up the data processing and quality control which means assets are properly recorded in Maximo. Also, their people bring excellent domain knowledge, are very flexible, and work well with our own teams."

    Patrick Daly - Asset Intelligence Manager (Irish Water)

    Proud Sponsors of Maximo User Group 2022 (Belfast)

    Data Quality & Software Services

    With the advent of the Internet of Things(IoT), smart meters and sensors, more data is available to utility companies than ever before. Harnessing this data can provide greater insights into asset utilisation; understanding of customer segmentation, usage patterns, payment and billing performance; predict surges of demand by combining internal and external data sources or even identify failing equipment before the point of critical failure! 

    The quality of the data is paramount to ensure accurate and reliable reporting on which engineering and business decisions are made.

    Nathean enables utility providers to bring all their data together into a single, easy to use platform from which they can leverage their data to face the challenges and opportunities presented by regulative changes and disruptive technologies.

    Data Integration and Analytics are at core of what we do...