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    Our partners and customers tell us time and time again how our  analytics  platform has transformed the way they do business. They now have incredible insights and control over their data, ensuring decision making is fast and informed. 

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    Life Sciences

    Helping Life Science companies identify opportunities for cost reduction in every aspect of the supply chain.

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    Provide clinicians and administrators with deeper insights into their day-to-day operations for better performance. 

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    Ophthalmology Clinics

    Optimise patient flow and improve clinical outcomes  through advanced analytics and applied AI technologies. 

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    Financial transactions generate huge amounts of data and consumers expect to be able to easily visualise and interpret this data in a secure environment. 

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    Asset Management (Maximo)

    Harnessing asset data can provide greater insights into  utilisation; understanding of customer segmentation, usage patterns, payment and billing performance;

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    Retail (Optical)

    Provides real-time and historical analysis of all aspects of sales, stock movement or leakage and performance analysis at staff, store, regional or group levels.

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    Public Sector

    Enabling Public Servants respond to ever-increasing demands for information and provide better citizen services.


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    Unlock the power of data to improve attainment, fund-raising, planning and research.

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    AI and AgTech

    AgTech is seeing substantial growth in the application of AI and IoT solutions driven by increased demands in food production, population growth, sustainability requirements, and the advent of precision farming.  

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    Embedded Analytics Solution

    Make your product stand out from the competition by embedding our analytics & reporting platform in your web application. Customise the User Interface to your branding through simple configuration and APIs. 

    Talk to our experts about how your customers can start turning data into actionable insights from within your product seamlessly.
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